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 Woman seeking entry into Sabarimala temple attacked with chilli spray



KOCHI: Bindu Ammini, one of the two women who had scaled the Sabarimala hill and had darshan at the Lord Ayyappa temple earlier this year, was attacked with chilli spray near the city police commissioner's office on Tuesday morning.


Bindu had alighted from a car when a man wearing a saffron dhoti approached her with a can of what seemed to be chilli powder spray. The substance was sprayed on the woman's face even as she tried to resist. The attacker then fled the spot.


The accused was later arrested. The accused was identified as Sreenath Padmanabhan (28), a native of Kudiyanmala in Kannur.


According to sources, Bindu has been moved to General Hospital in Ernakulam for treatment.


The women, about seven of them, clandestinely reached Kochi on Tuesday morning. They are seeking entry into the temple as there is no stay on the Supreme Court order allowing temple entry for women of all ages. Bindu Ammini, who had darshan under police protection in January this year, is also accompanying Trupti.

约七名密斯在周二早上密秘达到科钦。他们测验考试进到神殿,因为最高国民法院早已准予统统年数密斯都可进到庙宇。2020年1月,在差人保护下和鲁普蒂的伴同下 ,宾杜进入了神殿。

The women reached the Cochin International Airport by an early-morning flight. However, they haven't made it clear about when they are planning to go to Sabarimala.


Sources said that Bindu has written to the government seeking permission to enter the temple.


"Sabarimala darshan is our right. We would go back only if the government give it in writing that we won't be allowed to enter the temple," Bindu said.


Trupti Desai while speaking to TOI said that the group of seven women includes five from Maharashtra, one from Delhi and Bindu.


"We had booked a taxi to Pampa but were stopped on the way and we are now at special branch office in Ernakulam, waiting for police protection to us to Sabarimala. Today is Constitution Day and government needs to protect our constitutional rights. It is our right to enter Sabarimala temple," Desai said.



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Biswaranjan • 8 hours ago

ha ha.. Dnt play with the emotion of the people... if u do it den have to face the wrath...

嘿嘿. .不用挑戰老百姓的品德底线,不然就得应答老百姓的愤怒……


Rajiv• 3 hours ago

She got what she deserved, why play with religious sentiments,



Rajat Ghildiyal• 8 hours ago

Very good, these Stupid women organisations need to show respect to Aiyaapa. They just have a hatefull Agenda against Aiyyapa..... Shame on these organisation supporting such Evil acts



Vijayakumar Bhosale• 8 hours ago

If you love respect the religion, you must understand and obey its principle.



Ashwani Kumar• 7 hours ago

Traditions, rituals are different from religion. Traditions and rituals are an made and change with changing times.


P K • 7 hours ago

Traditions are not like clothes to change with season and mood!!! Dumb analogy of sati and aiyappa rituals...



Guest trader • 8 hours ago

Lord Ayyappa is supreme and sacrosanct. Nobody should play with the centuries old traditions and religious beliefs of the people. Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa.



Ashwani Kumar• 7 hours ago

Lord Ayyappa welcomes all its devotees and does not discriminate anyone based on any criteria.


Rajkrishnan Venugopal• 6 hours ago

Ashwani, if you open your mouth again, i will. Squeeze ur tongue out. Never ver interfere with our lord.



Subash Chandra Bose • 8 hours ago

soon these biches will be sprayed with acid and that will stop their nonsense



mrinesh lal• 5 hours ago

Attacker was paid by her, camerman knew what was going to happen. It was not pepper spray . She would cry rolling on ground if it was. Pseudos are all fakers but with extensive setups.



Doc A• 7 hours ago

from what angle does this thing look like a woman.



Anil Nair • 7 hours ago

She deserves that and worse.



Edachola Radhakrishnan• 7 hours ago

A good news after a long time. Next Baygon Spray.


A R• 6 hours ago

No. Acid spray. Acid gives lifelong scars ! They should cry everyday of their life !




patel Sunny• 7 hours ago

Sabrimala isn''t tourist destination



GAURAV JAIN • 6 hours ago

These communists need to be taught a lesson by public



Dhananjay Dhondarkar • 7 hours ago

Entry into a temple is not a constitutional right.



Avinash Malpani• 7 hours ago

feeling so happy abt the news!



Ganesh Jain• 6 hours ago

good , servers her right. If someone give me the youths number, who sprayed pepper spray into her eyes, I will personally pay his bail money.



vjchandra H##apos##math • 6 hours ago

let us congratulate the braveheart .. I meant the man :)



Lakshmi Narayanan • 7 hours ago

Shame on court to have meddled with the temple affairs



A R• 7 hours ago

SC is pseudo secular.